INVITE ME TO MY OWN WORDS is a performing arts project initiated by stage director and playwright AnnaLina Hertzberg. The project involves discussing fears, structures and practical conditions for producing of performing arts. The project will seek it’s own artistic expression by solving 12 missions within a year.

AL på bänkenDear you.

I am a person who works in the performing arts field. Above all, as a stage director, but also as a playwright and dramaturg. I am working to develop others to write and think performing arts, daring to meet across borders. I’m an artist.

I relate to the social, cultural, societal phenomena, artistic goals and financial guidelines. I am set to deliver. I consistently invests, through the sharing of myself. It empties me. I no longer know what I am.

I perceive two movements. The basis of that move toward the body, which is about the fear of not being good enough, not demanding. The basis that moves out from the body, which like to react and protest. Wich like to reveal patterns of how the conversation about the performing arts works, who wants to kick down the structures and make room for something else.

I think this project is to expose myself to the questioning of power. I think it brings vulnerability and that vulnerability is considered to be something ugly. I want to dare to be vulnerable.

I want to dare to resist. I want to talk about the performing arts. I want to talk about our common vulnerability. I want to give the world new rules to adhere to. I am not unique. I AM OF GENERAL INTEREST!

With warm regards, Anna Lina.

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