Mission 4:2

fbI wrote a letter for my imaginary brother. I wrote it to a particular person that I don’t know and never have met. Now I asked the person for his address. I’m not sure if I’m brave or just stupid.

The message says:

”Do you have a certain address you like to give me? Or I could send the letter to a place where you stay (a theatre, hotel, train station). If you’re really brave I could give it to you live, but that is a premium.

All my best regards,
AnnaLina Hertzberg”

Mission 6:1

Photo AnnaLina Hertzberg.

Photo AnnaLina Hertzberg.

We had a chat, Musse Mathilda Rasmussen and I, of words and silence. Afterwards it feels like having a working aerobics session – including a shower.

I need to admit that it made me quite nervous to talk without interruption, with no respond from my chat partner. But I did it. I also listened to Musse without responding, without smiling or laughing (though I had the impulse of doing it several times) – and it was really peaceful.

Afterwards we talk about what we’ve done, mostly agreeing of the experience of feeling less lonely about certain things. Words, politics, love and sex. And lot of things in between. We also gave words to our common desire to make qualified chats.

At one point I surprised myself when I started to talk about the effects of this project. That is, normally I’m make up or handle different things and situations where other people become amused spectators, within the frames of Invite Me To My Own Words I find myself being the audience of my own performance.

I will continue chatting and give further report. It might be that my chat partner give a report as well.

I’m proud of both of us, for daring to choose each other for this chat.

See you,